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Details Poverty-in-Transition-Economies-Routledge-Studies-of-Societies-in-Transition-13

Poverty in Transition Economies This study addresses the experience of, and responses to, poverty in a range of transition economies including Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Romania, Albania and Macedonia.

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Details Institutions-Human-Development-and-Economic-Growth-in-Transition-Economies-Studies-in-Economic-Transition

Institutions, Human Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies This book analyses the development path of transition economies in European Countries and former Soviet Republics that have experienced the transformation from planned ...

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Details Hunters-in-Transition-Mesolithic-Societies-of-Temperate-Eurasia-and-their-Transition-to-Farming-New-Directions-in-Archaeology

Hunters in Transition Hunters in Transition analyses the emergence of post-glacial hunter-gatherer communities and the development of farming. Full description

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Details Financial-Turbulence-and-Capital-Markets-in-Transition-Countries-Studies-in-Economic-Transition

197p cloth with dustjacket, from a Cambridge college library, excellent condition, index and notes, diagrams, very good indeed, as new

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Details IPv6-Mandates-Choosing-a-Transition-Strategy-Preparing-Transition-Plans-and-Executing-the-Migration-of-a-Network-to-IPv6

IPv6 Mandates Here's the guide you need for a smooth transition to IPv6 Ready or not, IPv6 is coming. While every enterprise will have some individual issues to manage, this guide will help you decide on a transition strategy, develop a plan, execute ...

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Details Transitions-002-Vinyl-Single


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Details Transition-Vinyl-LP

LP: Steve Lukather,Transition: STILL SEALED

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Details Transition-Vinyl-Single

LP & MP3: Immix Ensemble X Vessel,Transition: & VESSEL

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Details Transition-Limited-Edition

CD: Steve Lukather,Transition: DIGIPAK

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Details Transitions-Vinyl-LP

LP: Elephant & Castle,Transitions

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Details ITIL-Service-Transition-2011-Best-Management-Practices

Broschiertes BuchThis publication offers updated guidance on managing service transition from design specification, change configuration, test, release and deployment. Service transition requires effective management of knowledge, organisational ...

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Details State-owned-Banks-in-the-Transition-Origins-Evolution-and-Policy-Responses

State-owned Banks in the Transition 'State-Owned Banks in the Transition: Origins, Evolution, and Policy Responses' reviews the experience with state banking over the last decade in the transition economies of Europe and Central Asia. State ownership ...

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Details Mexico-The-Dilemmas-of-Transition-Latin-American-Monographs

HARVEY, N., ED. MEXICO. DILEMMAS OF TRANSITION. LONDON, 1993, xiv 381 p.,. Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.

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Details DiMarzio-309474-DP-255BK-Transition-Bridge-Gitarre-Tonabnehmer-Schwarz

DiMarzio DP-255 BK Transition Bridge Steve Lukather Signature Modell Brückenposition 4 adriges Anschlusskabel Keramischer Magnet Farbe: schwarz

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Details The-Chinese-Economy-under-Transition-Studies-on-the-Chinese-Economy

The Chinese Economy Under Transition This wide ranging collection of essays addresses many important issues in China's economy under transition, from grain production and trade, to the development of township enterprises, the restructuring of state ...

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Details Mirages-of-Transition-the-Peruvian-Altiplano-1780-1930-Paper

JACOBSEN, N. MIRAGES OF TRANSITION. THE PERUVIAN ALTIPLANO, 1780-1930. BERKELEY, CA, 1993, xviii 481 p.,tablas. Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.

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Details Transition-Metal-and-Rare-Earth-Compounds-Excited-States-Transitions-Interactions-Ii-Topics-in-Current-Chemistry-Band-214

There exists a large literature on the spectroscopic properties of copper(II) com- 9 pounds. This is due to the simplicity of the d electron configuration, the wide variety of stereochemistries that copper(II) compounds can adopt, and the f- xional ...

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Details Quantum-Phase-Transitions

Describing the physical properties of quantum materials near critical points with long-range many-body quantum entanglement, this book introduces readers to the basic theory of quantum phases, their phase transitions and their observable properties ...

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Details Lectures-On-Phase-Transitions-And-The-Renormalization-Group-Frontiers-in-Physics

Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group "Covering the elementary aspects of the physics of phases transitions and the renormalization group, this popular book is widely used both for core graduate statistical mechanics courses as ...

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Details Socialist-Economies-and-the-Transition-to-the-Market-A-Guide

Socialist Economies and the Transition to the Market This provides a detailed account of each of the socialist countries and an analysis of the various problems they have met in the long transition to market economies, each of which is very different.

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Details The-Political-Economy-of-Polands-Transition-New-Firms-and-Reform-Governments-Political-Economy-of-Institutions-and-Decisions

The Political Economy of Poland's Transition This 2005 book examines how new, domestically owned firms contributed to Poland's transition between 1990 and 1997.

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Details The-Transition-To-Language-Oxford-Linguistics-Studies-in-the-Evolution-of-Language-Band-2

The evolutionary emergence of each facet of human language can be viewed as a 'transition'. This book explores how different transitions took place, their preconditions, and their consequences. Among the questions it addresses are: what physiological ...

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Details Constitutionalism-and-Democracy-Transitions-in-the-Contemporary-World-Transitions-in-the-Contemporary-World-The-American-Council-of-Learned-Societies-Comparative-Constitutionalism-Papers

Constitutionalism and Democracy The political changes which have occurred in the last three years have been phenomenal--the dissolving of the former Soviet Union, the impending union of Western Europe, and the evolution of democracy in Eastern Europe ...